Crysis 2 under Linux with WINE

Hello Blog Readers,
at first, no it is not a April joke! Crysis 2 is really running under WINE and at all with acceptable framerate.
Before I will begin with the How To, I have to say, that there are some problems with the mouse in Game. I’m making this How To from a base of a adjusted WINE Version (patched WINE version).
Again, I’ve precompiled this Version for Linux Mint 10, Debian Testing and Ubuntu 10.10 64-Bit. I’ve posted it at my blog here:
So, if you want to use this tutorial, you have to use my additional version of WINE (this Version does not overrides any other installed WINE Versions on your system) or, you build it on your own. For everbody who want to do the last one, the patch I’ve used can be grabbed from here:
Let us begin!!
Using winetricks for making the requirements of the game
Download winetricks at first. The best way to do that, is to use the terminal and the wget download command:


After a short download time, you should have this script on your hard drive. After that, make it executable:

chmod +x winetricks

Now, winetricks is ready to use. For the next steps, you can use a fresh WINEPREFIX (for e. g. WINEPREFIX=/home/USERNAME/.wine/Crysis\ 2/) or just use the standard PREFIX at all. Remember, that if you will use a fresh WINEPREFIX, you have to set this WINEPREFIX for every command, that has to do with Crysis 2 (Installation, Start the game and so on …). I recommend you to use a fresh WINEPREFIX.
Install now the requirements with the following command:

./winetricks vcrun2005sp1 vcrun2008 d3dx9 d3dx10 d3dxof

There are some installers, that are already known in Windows. So just click it on your way (Next–>Next–>Finish …).
Making some tweaks
To get a little bit more performance and lesser graphical issues in the game, we have to do some tweaks at the WINE registry. To do that, easily starte the WINE registry editor. If your have build WINE on your own, you have to enter


If you will use my version you have to enter the following command


Now, navigate to


If this directory (Key) does actually not exists, just create it. Now create the following values:

DirectDrawRenderer = opengl
OffscreenRenderingMode = fbo
UseGLSL = disabled

That’s it! Now you can install Crysis 2 on the way you know. don’t forget to use /opt/winexinp/bin/wine for installing and playing, when you will use my read to go version.
Enjoy the game and give me feedback.
EDIT (2011.04.04): I have to add, that you have to start the Nanosuite Showroom under the Main menu „Extras“ before you start the game. You will have to do this every first start of the game before you play the campaign or multiplayer. Otherwise you will get extremly graphical glitches.