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If you like my work and you simply want to support me, you can send me some cryptocurrencies. I like cryptocurrencies as I already stated here. The following addresses can be used to send me some Bitcoin, Ethereum, Reddcoin or Dogecoin. I will use the money to buy me a coffee or a beer. Whatever helps me in the actual article I’m writing on 😉

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If you don’t own crypto …

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If you don’t own cryptocurrencies or if you’re just searching for another way to support me: Please disable your AdBlocker for my blog if you’re using one. I’m just displaying a few small ads that aren’t animated. This would already help a lot.

… you can use my Amazon referral link

Also, if you’re an Amazon user, you can use my referral link next time you buy something there. Using my referal link doesn’t cost you anything more than the normal price, but I get a small commission: My Amazon referral link.

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… but most important …

You can also follow my blog and give me some feedback about my articles in the comments section. The best payment a blogger can get are readers which are coming back from time to time 🙂