bookmark_border"Cities in Motion" or, how a windows game should run with WINE

Greetings my Linux friends.
Yesterday I tested a Game from Paradox Interactive a company which is known for their titles like „Hearts of Iron“ or „Europa Universalis“.
Since a few days ago, their is a new game released from Paradox which is called „Cities in Motion“. It is a simulation which you will have to deal the infrastructure for e. g. bus lines, train lines and so on.
At all the game costs 20 bucks and I bought it at my favourite online game station for buying games on that way.
First I readed something about the requirements while the download from gamersgate was running. I readed that the game is build on OpenGL and a card with the OpenGL 3.0 compatibility is needed. I was happy about the fact that OpenGL is used instead of DirectX and thought that this will gonna be a good thing to make this game running with WINE.
After a few minutes the download was finished and installed it with WINE. As many setups known, „Cities in Motion“ Setup also works flawlessly without any problems.
So, I started the whole thing with WINE … in this case I wasn’t sure if I really started the game with WINE or with windows. I mean it is working like a charme. No graphical bugs, no sound bugs, no big error output in the terminal while running the game at all!!
The graphics are very nice in my point of view and at all if you have a favour for simulations like this, this game is a „must have“ for you! Especially because it is DRM free, so you don’t need a crack or something like that!
Give it a try at all. You can also obtain a Demo which is available at many sites on the Web!

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