bookmark_borderOpenSource projects and their donations

Today I checked out a video, which was recorded at the LFNW 2011 and presented by Bryan Lunduke.
Most of you people will know about Bryan from „The Linux Action Show“, but he also is presenting the „Why Linux sucks“ at the LFNW every year.
So, I don’t want to repeat the whole video now, but I want to go further with some (in my point of view) very important things, which the video has brought to me to think about:
1. Programmers have to eat: Well, this is just true. Bryan comes here to the point, that the OpenSource developers also have families and just want to have a roof over their head. I’m totally agree to that!
2. We as Linux users have to understand that makeing software costs money: Also just true. If we look only at the time which the development is devours the costs getting really high for some projects (e. g. GNOME). At least, there are more points which are comeing with that, for e. g. the planning and design, test phases and so on.
3. We should buy propietary software for Linux or donate money to OpenSource projects (or both) which comes nearly to the licence costs of a proprietary software for another platform: Well, this is a little bit tricky. Bryan says in the presentation that he doesn’t mean with that, that the people now should go out and donate 5000$ to LibreOffice, but he just want that the people honour the work, even if it’s free and OpenSource. Additionally, buying software on this way or makeing donations, shows other developers and companies, that there is a market for Linux and at least, there is a reason to develop for it!
After the video, here the link: , I started to think a short time about his words. Also, I made a little conclusion for me, which „donations“ I made for openSource projects in the last time:
– I bought the openSUSE boxes from OpenSource Press
– I bought the Ubuntu boxes from OpenSource Press
– I made a „one time“ donation to WINE
– I have a CrossOver subscription, which I’m also renew every time, after the subscription isn’t valid anymore
Also, I bought a software which is called „moneyplex“ which allows me to handle my HBCI online banking on a easier way on Linux. This software is propietary, but it works just nice, fast and it’s stable!
Well, overall, that isn’t that much. Because of this situation, I started to check, how much money I can donate for now and which projects I want to donate.
My first donations will go to the GNOME project and to LibreOffice. This two peacies of software are just awesome, and I want, that they will never stop there work! So, I have to donate 🙂
Also, I want to donate a few bucks to the VLC Player. Also, just a awesome piece of software which never should be missed at a new fresh OS installation 😉
My recommendation for you is, watch the video. Bryan is right in many cases. Think about the words and if it’s possible (or if you want) donate to your favourite projects at the OpenSource scene. Even if you just have 5 bucks available for a donation … donate it! 🙂